Blogging For Profits Part 1

I’ve decided that it’s about time I put together a little mini-series about how anyone can setup their own blog and use it to start making money online.

When this is all said and done anyone should be able to follow these blog posts and be able to get their own self hosted blog up and running and know how to start sharing content and monetizing it.

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The main points I’ll be covering are:

1. Purchasing a Domain Name

2. Setting Up Web Hosting

3. Installing WordPress

4. Installing Child Themes

5. How To Post Content

6. How To Monetize Your Blog

Before we get into the details of how exactly to get your blog setup. It’s probably a good idea to explain to you why it’s good to have a blog in the first place, and how you can use it to make money.

Why A Blog?

Having a blog allows you to share your thoughts and opinions on the internet. Think of it as kind of an online journal you can share with friends and family, as well as other’s who have similar interests as yourself.

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It looks like a website but you continually update it with new blog posts vs a traditional website that just remains static.

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing love blogs. This means when people search for topics you’re writing about your blog is more likely to show up in the search engines.

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paleo search

As you can imagine if you have a blog about “Paleo Recipes” and your blog shows up on the 1st page of Google anytime searches for “paleo recipes” you’ll be getting a log of website visitors interested in what you have to offer.

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Blogs also have a social affect to them. People can comment and respond to different blog posts they like, and the blog owner can comment back and interact with their fans.

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It’s also easy for people to share your blog content onto social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

This helps your content get shared which allows you to reach more people.

The more people you attract to your website, the more potential money you can make.

Which brings me to our next point…..

How Can You Make Money With A Blog?

Making money online is easy…especially with a blog.

It all comes down to traffic + offer = money.


You need visitors (traffic) to come to your blog and read your content. That is why it’s important to provide a lot of value on your blog so people keep coming back to read what you have posted.

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Once you have people visiting your site you need something to (offer) them in order for you to make money. This can be an affiliate product, products, maybe your own product or service, or maybe you joined some CPA networks.

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Affiliate Products

Selling affiliate products s a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

So basically you’re getting paid commissions for your marketing efforts.

If you advertise an affiliate product on your blog, and some one clicks through your link and buys that product you’ll get credit for the sale and get paid a commission.

Since the sale resulted from your marketing effort’s you deserve to get compensated.

Amazon Products

Depending on what your blog is about you could offer physical products from Amazon and an affiliate program that you can participate in for free.

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Maybe you’re blog is on reviewing popular kitchen gadgets. You can easily grab an affiliate link of the products you review and place them on your blog.

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Just like in affiliate marketing, if anyone clicks on your link to purchase a product you did a review on you’ll get compensated for your marketing efforts.

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CPA Networks (Cost Per Action/Acquisition)

CPA marketing is sometimes known as Pay Per Action or PPA; (also Cost Per Conversion) is an online advertising pricing model, where the advertiser pays for each specified action – for example, an impression, click, form submit (e.g, contact request, newsletter sign up, registration etc), double opt-in or sale.

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If you have a lot of visitors coming to your blog you may have advertisers willing to pay you to have their ad displayed a certain number of times on your site. Usually this is done based on 1,000 impressions.

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Think about it as businesses paying you to advertise their company on your site.

Sell Your Own Products or Services

If you already have your own product or service to sell then a blog is a great way to do so.

Become an expert in your particular market and write valuable content you can share with your customers.

Once you have your potential customers coming to your website just offer them a way to purchase your product or service. You can have a call to action where people call you, fill out an order form, or a buy now button.

Wrapping Things Up

Well that’s about it for Part 1 of this mini series.

I really just wanted to give an overview about what I’ll be covering in the next several days,  why having a blog is important, and how you can use it to start making money.

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In my next few blog posts I’ll get more into the details of how to go about getting your domain and web hosting setup, how to install wordpress, and how to post your first blog post.

Stay tuned……