Egg Carton Craft


Our “Pinspiration”…couldn’t find the source of photo but this is where I got the idea for this craft.

I had an empty egg carton that I just knew I could probably recycle and use it for some kind of craft.  As always, I turned to my favorite inspiration website, Pinterest.  The most popular craft I saw using egg cartons was a caterpillar.

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I showed the Pinterest pictures to Conner and he agreed that we should make a caterpillar…..AND a lion.  There was not a lion egg carton craft on the Pinterest “feed” he was looking at…..nor could I find one on Pinterest…….this should be fun.

my lovely staple job (for the lion)!

my lovely staple job (for the lion)!

I only needed two rows of the egg carton for a caterpillar for Madison and Conner so I had a whole row leftover since this was an eighteen egg carton.  So, I decided to use the remaining row to attempt a lion.  For the lion, I pretty much just stapled three egg carton cups in a triangle shape (each cup representing each eye and a nose).

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Then comes the kids favorite part.  Painting!  It is funny how each kid is different, and it totally could be an age thing too.  But with Conner, he is very careful not to mix his colors.  He needs (and uses) the cup of water to wash his brush before changing colors.  He is careful not to get paint on himself and if he does, he needs to wipe it off immediately.

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Whereas, Madison, she is a free spirit.  She doesn’t care if the colors get mixed up.  She is not careful at all with combining colors on the item she is painting.  And if I turn my back for more than a few minutes, she would totally paint herself.

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One thing I try to remember generic cialis viagra cialis generic canada pharmacy online generic viagra while doing crafts with the kids is to just let them be kids.  I have to admit, I have a control issue so it is sometimes hard for me, to not take over the painting or even take the paints away if it’s getting really messy.  I sit back, take deep breaths, and let them be kids.  They are working with washable paints, so really, the mess is not hard to clean up.

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Conner, carefully creating a mane for his lion.

Once the paint dried, I pierced holes in both sides of each cup of the caterpillar’s body and along the top of the head of the lion.  Then I cut colored pipe cleaners into two inch pieces to use for caterpillar legs/antennas and for the lion’s mane.  The kids loved stuffing the pipe cleaners into the holes.

Madison, our little goofball!

Madison, our little goofball!

We glued colored pompoms on the back of the caterpillar, just for fun.

A lot of the caterpillars on Pinterest had the cool googly eyes for the caterpillar but I didn’t have any, nor did I feel like trekking out to the store with two kids to hunt some down so I resorted to drawing some and cutting them out.  To my surprise, the kids were totally fine with that…..they probably don’t know how cool googly eyes are!

Now, what to do with our final products!







Until next time!