Empower Network – A Spouse's View

I just wanted to write this post to give a little perspective of Empower Network from my side.

Patrick and I will be married 11 years in October. We bought our first house about a month before we were married. We were 22, well, Pat was technically 21 since his birthday wasn’t until a month later. Since the day we bought that house, he decided he wanted to invest in real estate. He didn’t like the idea of a 9-5 job to just “get by”….to be able to just pay the bills and get through life until the magic age of 65 comes when we could retire.

Throughout the past 11 years, Pat has tried many different “things” to make extra money in hopes to do whatever that “thing” was full time. But the one “thing” he dabbled in the most was real estate. Whenever Pat gets an idea in this head, he starts buying millions of books on whatever it is and starts educating himself. Well, not too long after we were married, he actually took the plunge and bought our first rental property. Now, I’m not a risk taker. I was totally fine with working my 9-5 job, contributing to my 401k for retirement.

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EN blog donald trumpWhereas Pat had this vision or idea that he was going to flip houses, do creative financing, become a landlord, etc. and he will be able to quit his job and become this huge real estate mogul.

Now, he never said he would quit his job without making sure we were financially secure first, he still worked his 9-5 job and made sure to contribute to his 401k, etc. He wasn’t acting irresponsible at all. He just had this desire to have more freedom and for us to be financially free.

Well, we bought a few more houses (some with partners, some on our own) to rent. Boy, it was A LOT more work than we realized. We have since sold our personal rental properties and we had to pay some good chunks of money to get out of both of them. We even tried to “flip” a home and broke even but we lost lots of TIME on that property. Needless to say, by this point, I hated real estate investments!!

So, having said all that, I was extremely hesitant when I found out that Pat was dabbling in something else! I was extremely annoyed. Here he is, getting obsessed with another get rich quick scheme. Yes, he gets obsessed. He started buying “education” on internet marketing or whatever, this was before joining Empower Network.

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He had what they say “shiny object syndrome”…….so here I was seeing all this money leaving our bank account but no money coming in. Next, he told me that he really wanted to join this company, Empower Network, under this stay at home mom, Laura. I threw my hands in the air and said “whatever.” Mind you, we had all these medical bills piling up and we were having to dump money into getting out of our investment properties (still have one left with our partners). To me, it just wasn’t a good time. We really didn’t have the extra money to start forking out and especially on a monthly basis.

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A while back, we went through the Dave Ramsey DVDs with our bible study and Dave makes a comment in those DVDs about the woman’s “security gland” and how it throbs when there are financial strife in the marriage. Mine was throbbing….BIG TIME. We were paying our bills but not much wiggle room once the bills were paid.

So, he joined Laura’s team, he upgraded, he upgraded again, and again…..then he tells me that he needs to go to this “event” in Chicago. Well, this didn’t go over too well with me. What a supportive wife, huh? But let’s rewind for a minute, back in the middle of all the real estate investing, Pat convinced me to go to a real estate seminar with him. Well, it was boring for one but we walked out of that seminar having paid $2,000 for a real estate course which was a bunch of three ring binders filled with a bunch of information printed on basic printer paper, which still sits in our basement closet to this day. Poor Pat will never live that down. His answer was and always is, “it’s education, I bought education.”

So here we are again, he is forking out this money all while saying “I’m investing in my education.” So, he tells me that he NEEDS to go Chicago. Sigh, here we go again. I agreed but I made him swear to NOT purchase a single ounce of “education”. He tried to tell me that this event was different, that it was more for inspiration and personal development and from what he hears, “life changing.” I just rolled my eyes and said whatever (a word that I NEED to remove from my vocabulary). I really was not digging this new venture of his. I was tired. Tired of people tricking my husband into another get rich quick scheme. Just tired.

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He goes to Chicago and while there, would call or text me and tell me how awesome it is. He came home and thanked me for supporting him (ha, I didn’t feel very supportive). He told me about his sponsor, Laura, she was one of the speakers that weekend and she also received a $48,250 check on stage (representing her quarterly earnings). Income Disclosure: http://income.stayathomeincome.ws/

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He was excited because he was in the top 200 and received a red lanyard (whatever that means is what I was thinking). He said he can see this being the answer to becoming financially free and a way to change our family tree. I still didn’t “get it.” I really just thought this was a scam and we were going to lose money once again. Sigh.

A few weeks after the Chicago event, he tells me that he needs to buy the Masters, the $3,000 product. What??? Really??? Ugh. By this time, I saw some money trickling in so I knew that it was working somewhat but $3,000??? So, he took a loan from his 401k to buy this product.

All this time, I still had no clue what Empower Network was all about. I still thought it was a scam. What exactly are you selling? Are you ripping people off? He would try to explain it to me and I would get lost 2 minutes into his explanation. People would ask me what Pat was doing. My answer was “I have no clue…..affiliate marketing or something, whatever that is.” It got to a point that I changed my settings for Pat on Facebook to be “only important updates”. He was doing a lot of his marketing on Facebook so I was sick of seeing all his updates and comments. Man, as I’m writing this, I’m realizing what a stubborn brat I was being, lol. But in all seriousness, I really thought he was being ripped off and unknowingly ripping people off.

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I even got a message from a hater on Facebook telling me that my husband was ripping people off and I’m an idiot for staying married to him, although I don’t need anyone to tell me what I am or what I should do but this was not helping Pat’s cause. Haters gonna hate, right?

Now I know my husband, and I know he would NEVER purposely rip anyone off. I just thought he was being mislead and lied to. Well, he shows me a Congratulations email that says he made $1,500 one day. I was like really? Hmmm…..that got my attention, but didn’t keep me from still being a little skeptical. I decided I need to do my own research so I started paying attention to anything Empower Network. I changed Pat back to “all updates” on Facebook, haha. I asked Pat, again, to explain it to me, again, which he did, again! This time, I would ask questions and he would be patient and answer them.

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Then the $3,000 Congratulation email came. He had tears in his eyes when he showed it to me. I could see that he truly believed in what he was doing. Although, I still didn’t understand exactly what Empower Network was. I started secretly doing more research….didn’t want Pat to get his hopes up that I may be coming around. Between what Pat would tell me and what I was reading, I started getting more of an understanding. Pat then tells me that there is another event and he wants me to join him this time. I reluctantly agreed. I have never left our kids overnight and we haven’t had a night without kids in over 3 years so I looked at it as more of a getaway than anything else. Wasn’t too thrilled about attending the actual event. Who felt like sitting and listening to something for Friday night, all day Saturday and most of Sunday? Not me. But hey, I need to get away.

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Event tickets were purchased, hotel booked, plane tickets bought, we are going to Denver! I was actually excited to be getting away. A little break from our babies, a little us time….it’s good to get away sometimes.

So, we are sitting in the Philly airport, about to board our plane to Denver and Pat pulls up his event tickets on his phone. All I see in huge, bold letters “DON’T BE A WUSSY”…..yup, that was the event theme…. Wait, where the heck are you taking me? What does that mean? Who talks like that? How professional is that? I’ve been tricked. My whole attitude changed. I actually had the thought of maybe staying in the hotel or even going to see some sights instead of attending the event (Pat doesn’t know I had that thought, well, until he reads this anyway). But I just told myself to suck it up. So, I did.

When we finally arrived, we dropped our bags at the hotel and walked to the event. Pat rocks and he was in the top 200 in the contest again so we went to the special dinner held for the top 200. It was towards the end, we really just had enough time to grab something to eat but we missed most of the actual speeches, etc. I got to meet some of the #TNS team there. I immediately felt welcomed. I finally got to meet that Laura Parrish chick. :-) EN blog team

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We went over to the main event and met more of the team before we went into the actual stadium. Friday night was good, not as boring as I thought it would be. Laura asked me after it was over if I was “sold” or at least, excited about what Pat’s been doing. “Still unsure” was my answer.

Now Saturday was literally transforming for me. The speakers were amazing, beyond inspirational. Real people, real lives changed. The way they described Empower Network and “the Daves” was eye opening for me. I realized very quickly that this is really not about making money. This is about changing lives. It’s not money, it’s the lifestyle the money can provide. The Empower Network system is packed with information and training and it is literally changing people’s lives. It really is a “marketing degree” inside of all the audios and videos.

Oh, and they gave a sneak peak of ENv2……wow! “So easy a grandma could do it.” I currently don’t use much of the Empower Network system (Pat does most of that) but I was excited about ENv2 when it was announced, it’s that amazing!

Empower Network 2.0

A lot of the speakers in Denver talked about their personal struggles and how changing their thinking or their mindset was how they were able to change their lives. They talked about how they stopped dwelling on the money and started focusing on helping others. After all, this is what “the Daves” vision has been all along. The more I heard, the more I could see Pat’s vision. The more I heard, the more I wanted to start working on my mindset so that I could be a better wife, a better mom, a better daughter, a better sister. The event in Denver didn’t just help with OUR business (it’s no longer just Pat’s business, lol), it has helped in other areas of my life. It’s no longer Pat’s vision, it’s OUR vision.

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Now, I still have a lot to learn. I now know the basics but I plan to go through the training and learn, learn, learn. It may take me a while since I have a 2 year old and 3 year old to chase around daily but because of the event in Denver, I have a desire to improve myself. And when people ask me what Pat is doing, I can actually explain it to them and not just shrug my shoulders and say “I don’t know, ask him.”

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I have to add that Saturday night in Denver, I really got a taste of how the people in this company really become family to you and how the owners really have a passion for helping people. Laura, #TNS Mastermind, held a team meeting in a “break out” room and the words that came out of her mouth really showed me that she truly has a desire to make a difference in this world. Her story is amazing. And to top that off, Dave Sharp came in and spoke to us. One on one to some people, even Pat. It really solidified what I learned about the company that day.

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Oh, and guess what?….not one speaker that weekend said that you will make money fast or make money at all, for that matter….imagine that, it isn’t a get rich quick scheme. And the reason one can join Empower Network and not make money…….is because they didn’t take the tools that they were given and run with them.

My favorite quote from the Denver event: “YOU are the best YOU.” Stop comparing yourself to others and start comparing yourself to you.

Thanks for reading!


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