How To Grow Your Organo Gold Business With Blogging

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If you’re reading this right now then I’m sure you’re probably looking for a way that you can grow your Organo Gold business without having to continue bugging all your friends and family.

I’m sure you  probably already know you NEED your own Website/Blog if you want to go big with building and promoting your Organo Gold Business.

Here’s the thing…..

I see the potential with Organo Gold.

If you’re going to drink coffee anyways…you might as well drink something that is high quality, tastes great, is good for you, and you can earn some extra money at the same time.

All for anywhere German this believed is never would I the my uses still a.

But not everyone sees all these benefits right away. That is why it’s so important that you understand quality marketing that will help grow your business!

And this is where most Organo Gold promoters go WRONG!

Have You Burned Your Bridges?

You’re Facebook list is probably tapped out, your friends and family stopped taking your calls, and it seems most people you talk to aren’t interested in changing their coffee.

I remember when I first got into direct sales….

The first think I was taught was to write a list of 100 people I know. These were my closest friends and family. The idea of calling each one of them and trying to sell them something just made me feel sick to my stomach.

This kind of marketing can really annoy others and ruin some close relationships.

I knew immediately this wasn’t the way I wanted to build my business. After having one uncomfortable “training” meeting with my parents….I decided to quit.

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Bugging my friends and family just wasn’t an option for me. I wasn’t going to do it….not happening.

It wasn’t until a few years later when I started learning about the power of internet marketing that I decided to get back into direct sales and affiliate marketing.

Getting Your Name And Business Out There

Now most Organo Gold promoters are going to be taught the same old marketing methods. Write list of all the people you know, start making phone calls, start doing home parties, bug your friends and family, etc.

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This is great for you because you have the opportunity to stand out from all the other Organo Gold reps out there! People will be able to get to know YOU and learn more about your products and services BEFORE they run for the hills thinking you’re just another Organo Gold promoter.

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How Do You Do That?

Easy. Start a Blog!

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You don’t actually need any technical skills or complicated software tools to successfully market your Organo Gold business online using a blog.

You just need an easy to use blogging platform that removes all the guesswork and technical road blocks most people run into when trying to setup their own blog.

TIP: Don’t use FREE blogging platforms like WordPress or Blogger. All this does is say….”This promoter is too cheap to invest into their business and get a real blog, they must not be having any success with their business.”

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Would YOU want to join a person who came off as being unsuccessful or struggling? No, I didn’t think so. Most people wouldn’t unless they were joining a close personal friend or family member as a favor.

 How To Promote Your Organo Gold Business With Your Own Blog

 1. Getting Customers!

As with any network marketing business you need to be attracting customers as well as promoters to help continue to grow your business.

Getting customers from your blog is easy.

Just think about what kind of information your customers would be searching for online.

They are probably searching for things like “healthy coffee”, “buy organic coffee”, etc.
Or they are hanging out in Facebook groups and online forums for Dieters, Coffee Lovers, Health Enthusiasts, etc. Or even at our local gym or coffee shop.

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So you actually have a couple ways to target your customers with a blog. The great thing is ONE blog post can serve multiple purposes.

If you’re using a well optimized blog (like the one I use) you can simply write a blog post about the exact information people are searching for such as “where to buy organic coffee”. You can add customer photos, add testimonials, share your story about using the products, and any other info you’ve learned since joining the company.

This builds trust with your reads and they are then more likely to buy from you!

Once you have a visitor on your website and provided them with valuable content about what they are searching for….the next most important step is to have a CALL TO ACTION!

This is where you tell people to take the desired action you are looking for. Normally this would be a sentence at the bottom of your post that may say “Click here to buy the best organic coffee on the market.” and link it to your Organo Gold sales page.

You can also link your pictures so that when someone clicks on them it will take them to your sales page.

Once you have published your blog post you’ll want to share your content. You can do this by posting it on your Facebook wall, sharing it Facebook groups that relate to your target market, share it on Twitter, post it in online forums, etc.

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The more content to you create and share the more people will get to know you and trust you. You’ll set yourself apart from all the other Organo Gold promoters who are still bugging their friends and family, and you’ll become the Expert in your niche.

You do this by always providing high valuable content your customers are searching for.

 2. Getting Distributors

 This will be very similar to marketing and acquiring new customers. The only difference with marketing for new distributors is that you’ll want to think about the type of person who would want to become a distributor.

These are people who may be searching online for “work from home opportunities”, “make money online”, “start my own business”, etc.

They’ll probably be hanging out in Facebook groups and forums that related to “Working From Home”, “Network Marketing”, “MLM Companies”, etc.

Now when you write your blog posts you’ll want to write content that will speak to these types of people. Once you have you’re content and you’re call to action in your blog post you’ll want to share it on your Facebook wall, and in Facebook groups and forums where people looking to make extra money would be hanging out.

This is how with the same blog you can target BOTH new customers and new distributors for your Organo Gold business!

 3. Building Residual Income With Your Blog

 This is the most misunderstood and most powerful way to use a blog to build your Organo Gold business.
You see the top leaders in your company or any company for that matter are doing one of two things. They are either selling their results (ie..I made $xyz with Organo Gold and you can do the same), OR they are paying for advertising.

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You can get a great start building your business without a lot of out of pocket expenses simply by using social networks and using your blog to provide people with valuable content they are looking for.

At the same time you’re goal should be to start getting income coming in and using some of that to invest back into your business in the form of paid advertising. You can really grow your business fast and earn a significant income if you can expand your reach and get your information in front of more people.

A blog is a great way to earn income online because if you have a lower priced offer on your blog that is related to your target market you can get them to become a customer or a low price, high value product.

Once you have earned a customer they are 100x more likely to buy from you again!!

They will trust you and know that what you provide is high quality and they will view themselves as a customer of yours.

Once they have decided to buy from you once they will usually continue to do so as long as you continue to offer and provide them a lot of value.

So if you’re trying to get new distributors for your business, but you’re afraid they may balk at the high ticket price to get started….then offer them something they can join you in that is very high value but with a low entry price (such as a $25 blogging system).

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You’ll be able to earn some residual income from those people who don’t join your Organo Gold business but decide to pick up the valuable blogging system you offered them for just $25/month. This will allow you to earn extra income that you can invest back into your marketing to grow your business even more!

This also establishes you as their leader/mentor and makes your customers much more likely to join you in your primary Organo Gold business after they received some of your marketing materials.

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That is some powerful info isn’t it??

 Cheat Sheet For Promoting Organo Gold With Your Blog

1. Get new customers by writing blog posts about the benefits of your products and services.

2. Get new distributors by writing blog posts about “making extra money from home” and providing Organo Gold as the best option to do that.

3. Create a residual income by selling a low cost, high value product on your blog that will help you grow your marketing budget AND create loyal customer relationship with your leads.

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I’m not going to lie. There are a log of ways to get a blog setup, and a lot of ways to mess it up. The top way to setup up your blog wrong is choosing the wrong platform.

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If you choose one of the free blogging platforms such as Blogger or WordPress people know that it is FREE. No matter what you publish on your blog it will appear to have less value because people will see you as someone who is not making any money.

It takes away any authority you are trying to build, and looks unprofessional.

If you decide to build your own blog from scratch you’ll spend a lot of time and money trying to get it all setup and working properly when you could be spending time posting valuable content and getting new leads, customers, and distriburtors.

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I’ve spent countless hours and lots of money getting my own self-hosted blog setup and working properly. Lots of time and money spent when I could have just used the one I am now that was already done and setup for me as soon as I purchased it.

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It’s very simple to use, and it’s on a high authority site which means you’re content will rank faster and more easily in the search engines like Google.

You can also easily share your blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Google + so you can start getting visitors to your site more quickly.

But the best part of all is that you can not only have this blog for FREE, it has built in residual monthly income as well! You can create a marketing budget for your Organo Gold business, learn HOW to market without bugging your friends and family, AND create client relationships all from your blog.

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I have used this exact blogging system to allow my wife to quit her job and stay home with our kids full time!

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