How To Make Money With The Empower Network

So you’re thinking about joining Empower Network…but you still have questions.

You want to know or get a better understanding about “How to make money with the Empower Network?”.


I’ll try and clarify that pretty easily in this blog post.

It’s important to understand that the basic product of Empower Network is their $25/month blogging platform.

So an obvious question would be “What is a Blog?”.

And “How can I make money blogging?”.

First things first. A blog in a simple sense is like an online journal where you can share your thoughts, opinions, and anything else that’s on your mind in one place. Its a website, that is always being updated by sharing new content in the way of publishing blog posts. (Just Like This One)

So its a way to tell your story and share your thoughts with other people. The more content and information you publish on your blog, the more potential people you can reach.

If you’re consistent and provide a lot of high quality, valuable content you’ll start to attract followers to your blog who want to hear what you have to say and write about.

I talked previously about how making money online or  any business comes down to two things:

  • Traffic/Visitors to your website or store.
  • A product or service to sell.

The basic principal behind blogging, and what Empower Network teaches is to build your business around creating and publishing content.

Think about it….a blog is your online storefront. Its your virtual real estate.

The more content you put out on the internet in the form of blog posts and videos, the more poeple you will reach.

The more people you reach….the more potential customers you can have.

Now that we understand the importance of blogging, and why we do it. We need to understand how to actually make money with it!

That’s what you really want to know…right??

How to make money with Empower Network and your blog?

Ok we have the first part covered. Our blog is setup and now we have people visiting it and reading our blog posts and watching our videos.

Now you need something to offer them to buy!

This is easy with Empower Network because you can particiapte in their affiliate program which means you can resell their blogging system and training products to other people who are interested in having their own income producing blog.

Another option would be to promote some other affiliate products from other companies like or even

Affiliate marketing…if you don’t know what it is….is basically promoting someone else’s products or services for a commission.

Lets say you have a blog in the Fitness niche…and you have a good amount of visitors who come to your blog and interact with you on a daily basis.

You can go and find a Fitness/Weight Loss affiliate product and offer it to your visitors. Anytime anyone buys this product through your website you get a comission!

Pretty easy right??

That’s exactly how affiliate marketing works, and why blogging can be so much fun. You can literally turn your hobbies and interests into profits by writing about things you already enjoy. Then finding appropriate affiliate products that match your target audience.

Back to making money with Empower Network.

Empower Network is a  done for you and setup blogging system. So you can purchase the $25 blogging system and immediately get started writing and publishing conent on your blog, and sharing it with others.

If you want to participate in their affiliate program and compensation plan then simply pay the $19.95/month affiliate fee which gives you resell rights to their products, and also covers your merchant account for payment processing.

Once setup you’re now in business and you just have to focus on getting leads to see your offers. That is where the more advanced training comes in which is also available to purchase through Empower Network.


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