Ingreso Cybernetico Compensation Plan

Lately I have been getting a lot of questions about Ingreso Cybernetico and asking about their compensation plan. I decided to join the company, and check out their products and comp plan for myself so I could write this review.

Ingreso Cybernetico Compensation Plan Review

Before I get into the compensation plan for Ingreso Cybernetico it will probably help if you have some understanding about the company what products and services they offer.

Ingreso Cybernetico offers a suite of tools to internet marketers and other business owners who want to leverage the power of the internet.

Below is a list of tools they provide for a very low cost.

  • Email Autoresponder
  • Cloud Storage Backup
  • Landing Pages
  • Sales Letters
  • Prospecting System
  • Domains & Professional Web Hosting
  • Digital Products
  • Mobile Apps
  • Language Institue
  • IC Lead Pages Capture Page Creator

As you can see from the above list that the tools Ingreso Cybernetico offers is extensive.

These tools are a must for anyone serious about marketing their business online.

What is great about Ingeso is that you get access to all these tools for a low one-time payment, and then just $25/month. They even wave the $25 fee your first month when joining!

If you were to get all these tools separately from different companies you would be paying well over $100/month for them all, but with Ingreso Cybernetico you get access to them all for just $25/month which is a steal.

They also offer the opportunity to earn some amazing money by referring people to use the Ingreso Cybernetico tools.

Simplified Ingreso Cybernetico Compensation Plan Video


How The Ingreso Cybernetico Compensation Plan Works

Ingreso has several different levels you can join at which they call “Business Centers”. Each upgraded business center offers you additional tools, training and income earning potential.


 As you can see in the above picture they have business levels at $50, $100, $300, $500, $1,500 and $3,500. There is also a $7,500 business level that is not listed above.

The Ingreso Cybernetico compensation plan works amazingly well.

Each business center you’re active in pays out separately in a 2×2 follow-me matrix. (see below)



As you can see in the above picture it’s called a 2×2 matrix because you can only put 2 people directly under you on your board.

Once your first 2 spots are full, any referrals will go to the next empty spot from left to right.

This means you work as a team to cycle each board which is great…especially for new people. This type of compensation plan allows them to plug into a good team and start seeing results almost immediately.

In the above example it doesn’t matter who fills the empty spot on the matrix. It could be myself since I’m listed at the top of the board, or it could be the person directly under me who fills it.

This is a real team-build so everyone succeeds!

There are several different ways you can get paid with Ingreso Cybernetico.

  • Matrix Cycle
  • Entrepreneur Bonus
  • Fast Start Bonus
  • Car Bonus
  • Contest Prizes
  • Uni-level
  • Digital Product Sales

Ingreso Cybernetico Matrix Cycle

The matrix cycle is the most common way you’re going to make money with Ingreso.



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