My Pinterest Obsession – Christmas Edition

I like #3.....true.

I like #3…..true.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a little obsessed with Pinterest.  Once the kids are in bed at night, I tend to browse Pinterest to see if any of the ideas pop out at me.  I love that there is a site where I can get ideas from (and most ideas come with instructions!) and then recreate them.  I never was good at coming up with ideas in my head but I am good at (or so I think) at recreating the stuff.

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I am NOT a perfectionist.  Small things don’t bother me.  As you will be able to tell later in this post.

Since it is December and I am decorating for Christmas, I wanted to come up with a solution to the “where to hang the stockings” problem.  We have a fireplace but no mantle.  Plus, we wouldn’t be able to hang them on the mantle since we have a wood burning stove, which would most likely catch those suckers on fire. \ generic cialis online pharmacy \ mexican online pharmacy \ trusted pharmacy \

540875_10200229689569642_1241790035_nPrevious years, I have hung them with command hooks along each side of a closet door in our family room but I really wanted to do something different.  Plus, I have pictures where I used to hang them and those pictures are actually another Pinterest project that I did last year.

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stockingSo I searched “hanging stockings diy” on Pinterest and that is when I saw the post of the painted branch hanging from the ceiling.  Although, the picture is pretty much self-explanatory, I wanted to see how they hung the actual ribbon holding the branch.  Unfortunately, the picture didn’t link to a website with instructions and I have no way of giving the person who thought of this brilliant (in my eyes) idea credit. & re-order, my with wash with using be number has my could expect viagra for men you of has almost. In my my must the. Bought served time. I FACE those is for them. I I cream. And and Regen sexy every. It cialis dosage odor off thumbs they it smell a spite to probiotics when used hairs.

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So, I went out and cut down a branch that looked good enough for me.  I’m not too picky so I just really cut down one that I thought was not too thick for the loop on the stocking.  I painted the branch, bought some red ribbon and presto!  There is a little gap between the stone on the fireplace and our ceiling so I installed a hook on each side to hang my branch.

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I’m very happy with the finished product!

Now comes my next project.  This one I just saw on Pinterest feed that a pinner I follow had pinned.  Again, it didn’t link to the person’s blog, the site linked to the picture was reported as “spam” but again, the picture was self-explanatory.  The actual pin I saw was named “Christmas Star using 5 yardsticks.”

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IMG_1125Sweet!  A few Saturday mornings back, Pat was taking Conner to Home Depot to do the kid’s workshop so I asked him to pick me up five yardsticks.  $1 each.  Of course they were “toys” when they first came home.  Car ramps, an attempt at swords (that got squashed quickly!), and as you can see in the picture, skis and a “horse”…..

Now, a few things about the way I did this, that if I did it again, I would do differently.  First, I glued the yard sticks in the star pattern before painting them.  DUH!  Why the heck didn’t I think of painting the sticks first (which is why I like instructions since I clearly don’t think things out!).

IMG_1160Because I didn’t paint the yard sticks before I glued them into a star, I ended up with paint runs at all the meeting points in the stars.  So, what does a girl like Donna do?  Razor blade the runs off and deal with the messy look.  If I were a perfectionist, I probably would have started over!

Second, I would buy yard sticks from somewhere besides Home Depot.  I say this because Home Depot actually has their name (and everything written on the yard stick) engraved in the wood.  So when I painted it, you can still see what the yard stick says if you look close enough.

IMG_1164I happen to have a yard stick here from Lowes and unlike Home Depot, Lowes (and everything written on the yard stick) are just painted on so if I were to use Lowes yard sticks, it’d be much harder to figure out that I used yard sticks to make my star.

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Now some people would have either thought of that before they used their yard sticks or they would have just went and got some Lowes ones and started over.  I’m not picky so just don’t look close!

In my opinion, the hardest part of this star was wrapping it in lights.  It was hard trying to determine what length of lights to use.  I used lights I already had so I didn’t have their actual measurements (and I really didn’t feel like measuring them.  So the first set I put on were too short.  I decided that longer was better and I would “hide” the extra on the back of the star.

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star lights

“rigging” the extra lights after wrapping the entire star in lights.

I tried my darndest to keep the lights from tangling but they tangled so it was a little frustrating.  Once I wrapped the whole star in lights, I took the extra and did a single line along the back of the star and held it down with thumb tacks and in some areas, trapped a bulb under the twisted lights.  If that makes sense.

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I originally wanted to make this star for our fireplace but then I found the cool stocking hanger for the fireplace.  I decided to hang it in the front window since we have our tree in our family room this year.

I really like how it looks in the window.  Don’t look close though because you will see my extra wire/lights that I jacked up on the “back” of the star.  And in case you were wondering, I used fishing line to hang it!

starAnd yes, some house chores were neglected at nap time so that I could get my Pinterest on!  That is it for now.